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 +{{ :​prosus_header.jpg?​400 |}}
-Prosus (xPR) is a cryptocurrency ​created in Chile (2016) as a means of payment, focused on educating ​users without technical knowledge. ​It requires ​few resources to function. This project promote ​altruism as the world future economy.+Cryptocurrency ​created in Chile (2016) as a means of payment, focused on training ​users without technical knowledge. ​Requires ​few resources to function. This project promote ​future ​resource-based ​economy.
- for Prosus Currency is xPR. 
 +Total supply is 185 million, with 11 decimals. The Proof of work algorithm is Cryptonote-Antiasic.
 +In addition, the currency is part of important R&D projects, with a focus on innovation in the energy sector (Smart-Grid) and on the Internet of Things (IoT).
-----+Beyond technology, Prosus Money has an enthusiastic community of collaborators who support with new ideas, forming work groups. Some of its main members have appeared in the mass-media.
-{{ :​prosus_header.jpg?​600 |}}+== Bibliography ==
 +  * https://​​wiki/​Prosus_Money
 +  * https://​​ProsusCorp/​prosus
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